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Power of Nature . Vegan

I never really cared about what shampoo I was using until now. My girlfriend just left it in the shower room and I started using it without much thought. One day I realized I wasn't getting itchy scalp as I used to due to wearing my motorbike helmet in the heat of Bangkok. Now I am the one reminding her to stock more shampoo for us!

Daniel Remon

If you still love your hair... Please, take care! Only Narosé, I trust

Took Yanee

I’m impressed with this international standard Thai product that sees consumer safety as a priority. When I used “Narosé” it was as good as I had expected.

Viwat Kromadit, Ph.D.

Vice President of Land Development Division AMATA Corporation PCL.

So glad to have finally found a great shampoo and conditioner set.

We liked it so much that we use it up so fast!  It smells really good and makes our hair feel super clean! 

After the first use we could also feel the improvements in our hair,

and scalp health! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Narosé Haircare Products!!!

Parmapon Raungpaka, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Narosé is the best haircare product for me. Especially nourishing set,

that's good. The scent smells and very relaxing...

Thippalida Kavinnatakharima

President VITAMAC (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.


Tommy Dettmar

Web Programmer


Narosé is committed to research and develop outstanding quality hair care products for our customers around the world.

Our constant aim is to create the most natural, safe and loving hair products to enhance your health and confidence, to bring out the best in you.

We have painstakingly developed formulas free of SLS, SLES, Silicone, Paraben, Colors and Mineral Oils that not even the most advanced laboratories in the world dared to make, to ensure that the beauty of your hair doesn’t compromise your health in the long run.

Narosé is a product of love, for you.